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Rema Devi Menon

picture of me taken in 1998!


Current Employment / Interest

When I started this site I was working as a computer lecturer at Institut Bahasa Melayu Malaysia, one of the 27 government teacher training college in Malaysia. Currently (since 1999) I am the head of the IT Unit at the same teacher training institute. My interest has always been in teaching computers and I enjoy the work I do.

In 1998 when I started this site I had wanted to do more work in multimedia production of teaching materials for the local school environment and I was willing to work with others who were interested in this field. Today, (2004) I am determined to help the Ministry of Education, particularly the Teacher Education, spread the use of IT in Malaysian schools. To achieve this goal, I believe I need to start with lecturers at the Teacher training institutions, to change from the traditional teaching style or pedagogies to one that is ICT based.

For such a transformation to take place in the education environment various developments must take place simultenously. Sufficient hardware must be supplied and maintained, appropriate application softwares are needed, and training must be given to integrate new technologies into the teaching and learning at the teacher training colleges. Only then I believe, new first time teachers would bring their experiences to the classrooms in the schools.

Academic Qualifications

My undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Geography is from the University of Malaya in 1975. I also completed my Diploma of Education from the same university the following year. Later, I obtained my Masters in Education (specialising in Computer Uses In Education) from Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA in 1988.

Work experience

My teaching / lecturing experience
Year Place of work Nature of work
1976 Vanto Academy Teaching A-level Geography
1977 - 1987 Ampang Road Girls' School Teaching high school Mathematics, Additional Mathematics & Geography
1989 - 1990 La Salle Boys' School, Klang Teaching high school English & Geography
1990 - 1992 Darulaman Teacher Training College, Jitra Teaching Pedagogy, Moral Education & Computer applications
1993 - 1998 Institut Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur Teaching / lecturing Pedagogy, Psychology & Information Technology
1999 - May 2005 IBMM Integrating ICT in Teaching & Learning
June 2005 Retired Taken in Oct05

"The Greatest Success is to Spend Your Life in Your Own Way"

Continue to Integrate ICT & English in Teaching & Learning


"To teach is to learn, so that teacher and learner are the same.
Teaching is a constant process which goes on every moment of the day.
To teach is to demonstrate. From demonstration others learn and so do you.
Teaching is but a call to witnesses to attest to what you believe in.
Any situation must be a chance to teach others what you are and what they are to you."
..... A Course in Miracles Vol III

My expertise is in teaching, having gained my experience over the past 22 years in helping others learn.
My areas of expertise are in the teaching of:
  1. Computers -
    • common application packages
    • courseware development using Toolbook, authorware, Hotpotatoes, Moodle
    • HTML and Web site development
  2. Intel Teach To the Future program
  3. Networking & Wireless technologies
  4. Use of computers for item analyses and item bank development using the software QUEST
  5. Methodolgies of teaching, including integrating computers into the classroom
  6. Early childhood and personality development
  7. Reflective teaching and journal writing

Hobbies / Other Interests

  1. Motivation and Counselling - talks/workshops, especially for youths and women through the Sai organisation
  2. Religion and Philosophy - conduct regular study and discussion sessions
  3. Kindergarten program - to plan and implement this project for the Ramakrishna Saradha Society of Kuala Lumpur
I love swimming and reading motivational/spiritual material. Books that have inspired me include:

Here is how my pet dog, Spooky looks like. I lost him a few years back in 2001 December and he was replaced by Buffy.
Spooky!, Spooky!
Try this sound - oops!

Here is Buffy with JD Buffy, my smart dog
In 2004 September our new additional was JD, a Shar Pei mix.

My dog JD JD

My Favourite Links

  1. Malaysian Wetlands Sanctuary
  2. Preschool Sites
  3. My personal Homepage

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