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Institut Bahasa Melayu Malaysia

 Latihan Membina Bahan P&P

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Latihan Pembangunan Staf pada 26 Okt 2002.

Pensyarah yang terlibat sila  bersedia dengan bahan rujukan untuk mengajar kelas Sem 3 (PM, PN, MT, KT, BI).

Jadual waktu latihan


Pensyarah yang akan mengajar Sem3A dan Sem3G tahun 2003 akan melanjutkan bengkel ini pada 17 - 20 Dis 2003.



Hello there everyone,


Our college is going ICT! All lecturers are, therefore, encouraged to build their own homepages and prepare their teaching materials for web-based instruction. We hope to equip you with some basic skills & tools to create your own web materials. Three simple and quick lessons will be on:

i.                    Searching for useful & relevant websites for your classroom teaching and putting them all on a page of reference.

ii.                  Building a simple web page/s using MS Frontage or MS Publisher

iii.                Registering at so that you can prepare you lessons there and your students can access the materials anytime anywhere after lecture time. You can interact with them here online too. We show you how you register.

From Rema


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 This Week's Home Tip


Build A Passion For Computers!

Without a passion for computers one cannot master the skills in computing necessary for classroom teaching & learning …….Rema





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