These quotations are from the pen of Swamiji, contributed over the past to the Ashram publication Vicharasethu. They enshrine the quintessence of spiritual wisdom, set forth for the benefit of the sincere sadhaka as he travels the path of spiritual seeking.

- Brahma Vidya Centre, new Delhi, 1992

Meditation is an essential part of spiritual seeking and sadhana. But that does not mark the finale of it. The seeker's mind has to become purer and lighter every day. Only when the mind becomes sufficiently pure and sublime, Brahmic vision and the resultant blessedness can be felt freely. Let the attention be more on gaining sublimity of the mind than on anything else.

Prayer is a practice, a training for the mind, as walking is an exercise for the body. If you understand what you pray for, it will be sweet and charming. Even if you do not, it will build up your mind.

If whatever you do does not involve you, does not give you joy, it means that you do not have sraddha. Sraddha is to be cultivated with a view to discover one's own disharmonies, distractions, slips and inattentions, and to remove them outright.


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