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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha's

Programme in the USA

14th August - 30th August 1999

"As age advances the body will become weak. But the mind has to substitute the body in giving man the enthusiasm, fervour, patience and joy he needs. This will be possible only when we feed the mind with vairagya for the world and love for the supreme Reality. God does not look for any formalities or routines. he is right from the beginning residing in the inmost recess of man, and because of this, He becomes a little difficult to access." 

- Swamiji, August 1999


14th Aug Arrival at New Jersey


15th Evening "Deeper Dimensions of Mind"

at Sri Venkateshwara Temple (NJ)


21st Evening "Art of Professional Excellence"

at   Sri Venkateshwara Temple (NJ)


22nd Evening "Relevance of Bhagavadgeeta in Modern Times"

at Ved Mandir (NJ)


18th - 22nd Morning Informal Satsangs on "Family Life, Work, & Fulfillment"

at Sri Chandrasekhar's residence (Iselin, NJ Tel:732 326 1333)


23rd August Arrival at Washington DC
24th Afternoon "Challenges of work in the 21st Century - a call for Spiritual Knowledge"

at The World Bank (Washington DC)


25th Evening Discourse on Yogavasishtha Ramayana

at Satchidananda Ashrama, Yogaville (Virginia)


27th Evening "Womanhood in Indian Cultural & Spiritual Traditions"

at Women's Club (Virginia)


28th Noon On Bhagavadgeeta

at Shiva-Vishnu Temple (Maryland)


28th Evening "Hindu view of life & its Fulfillment"

at Rajdhani Temple (Virginia)


29th Evening "Meaning & Purpose of Devotion to God"

at Durga Temple (Virginia)


30th Departure from USA


1st September Arrival in Cochin


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